Qualified trained professionals

Wisdom teaches that the whole is a product of the parts. A business viewed as a whole is the sum of its parts, the sum of its personnel. In order for a business to be great, it needs great personnel. River City Security Services, Inc., understands that people make the difference. A great Company is one that not only finds great people, but treats them in a way that develops talents and helps actualize capacities. River City Security Services, Inc., is driven by its commitment to personnel in making itself through them a great Company in the service of its Clients.

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    The talent pool

    While we use a variety of conventional sources in our search for talent, we've enjoyed special success through Military and State employment agencies, employee referrals and industry word-of-mouth. Similar to Law Enforcement, many people "just know" that they want to work in Security. We encourage those people to apply to see if they have what it takes to work for River City Security Services, Inc.

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    Qualifying applicants

    Not every applicant meets our stringent qualifications or survives the interview process, which begins with a 13-page application. The interview includes multiple steps to narrow focus upon particulars that qualify or disqualify candidates. Disqualification examples include a criminal record, domestic violence, drug abuse history, failed drug test, lack of experience and/or other factors arising out of our background check.

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    Beyond statistics

    Candidates who survive the fact-checking interview phase, are assessed for subjective qualities. This is challenging because there is no instrument to measure attitude, enthusiasm, or commitment; or to predict how someone reacts to working under pressure. Experience and expertise in Security are required to assess the subjective qualities required to succeed as a Security Officer. River City Security Services, Inc., with more than 80 years of combined experience has that expertise.

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    Making the grade

    Making the grade means becoming part of the River City Security Services, Inc., family. The grueling hiring process is designed to identify individuals who possess the qualities to be effective Security Officers. To be the best, River City Security Services, Inc., employs the best. We strive to maintain the highest standards in the service of our Clients who should not accept anything less; because Security that doesn't give a sense of security is not Security.

Employee benefits

Company-provided ongoing training and more

In an era of declining benefits, River City Security Services, Inc., is proud that its employees enjoy above average wages, dental care insurance, uniforms, vacation time, holiday pay, employee referral bonuses, Officer of the Month recognition, and most importantly, ownership committed to creating and maintaining outstanding working conditions and an atmosphere of mutual respect.

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