How to Choose a Security Company

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It's time to hire a security company, so now what? When the need for security arises, there's often little time to waste. A security breach demands speedy resolution.

The problem with hasty decisions, however, is that they often create more problems than they solve. The more you understand about your security needs and about each company's services and ability to meet them, the greater your chance of making the best decision. No building is better than its foundation, so take the time to collect information to support your decision. And don't forget, like most other buying decisions, you usually get what you pay for. To avoid falling prey to offers that seem "too good to be true" become informed.

What kind of information do I need to make an informed decision? What kind of questions should I ask? How much security is enough security? What type of security do I need? What options do I have? How do I know if the price is competitive? How can I become comfortable with my decision? Can I trust what I hear or read? Should how I'm treated really matter?

To assist you in answering these questions, we compiled this list of questions and topics to use during your process of hiring a Security Company. It is our hope that this will help you make your best decision.

  1. What are your needs?
    1. Missing product?
    2. Access control?
    3. Traffic issues?
    4. Night time security?
    5. Employee safety?
    6. Protection against disaster?
  2. Once your needs are identified:
    1. Do your research
    2. Local versus Global Company
      1. Your dollars stay here
      2. Establish relationships between Customer & Security Management
      3. Rapid response
    3. Weigh professionalism
    4. Check Company reputation
    5. Call and inquire about service
      1. Measure what you hear
      2. Are you hearing courtesy and professionalism?
      3. Are you given immediate attention?
      4. What is the response time to your call?
  3. Make an appointment
    1. Meet at the Security Company office
    2. Meet at the job site
    3. Do you like what you hear?
    4. Do you like what you see?
      1. Courteous?
      2. Professional?
      3. Honest?
  4. Get a Quote
    1. Check out more than one Security Company/li>
    2. Compare price versus service
    3. Visit various Security Company job sites
    4. Speak with the Security Officers you meet
  5. Research
    1. If quotes are quite different, find out why
    2. Lowest quote is not always the one to choose
    3. Request an itemization of costs versus billing rate
    4. Determine what you can afford to pay versus what you gain/lose
    5. Determine Security Officer's wage versus billing rate