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Most of us have heard the advice to refrain from judging someone until you've walked in their shoes. It advances empathy, and the priority of understanding over judging.

The Founders of River City Security Services, Inc.--Jim and Connie Robertson--believe in understanding firsthand what their Security Officers experience in the field and have served as Security Officers themselves. They understand the dynamics of day and night shifts, and the conditions and challenges in the field.

River City Security Services, Inc's., commitment to every employee is reflected in every employee's commitment to the company and its customers. We call this a triangular partnership comprised of ownership, staff and customers.

River City Security Services, Inc.'s pledge is to provide good, safe working conditions, fair compensation and opportunities for personal growth and career development. Each individual at River City Security Services, Inc., is a person first and second as someone with a role in the Company's success.

The people we employ are the same people we would choose for our own security -- people of high moral character, commitment and competence.

What we offer

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    Bigger is not better

    Best betters better because what is best is what fits best. (Repeat that fast five times!) Bigger fails when it doesn't return your phone call, or when it doesn't know your name, or when it doesn't care about your needs.

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    Just right is best

    The right recipe is the one with the perfect quantities of the best ingredients combined into something special. Once tasted and approved, we usually want more. That's what "just right" means and why "just right" is best.

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    Relationships matter

    What do all strong structures have in common? Strong foundations. A relationship to be strong must have as its foundation a strong relationship. At River City Security Services, Inc., this belief translates into personal attention such as regular client visits by Operations Vice President and Co-founder Jim Robertson. Because building strong relationships is priority, it's never a matter of finding time, but rather a commitment on how we use it. Knowing and understanding our Client's business and industry, and the Client himself or herself are two forms of the same thing, namely, building strong relationships. That's how we do business.

Our staff

Connie Robertson Connie Robertson
Jim Robertson Jim Robertson
Kellee Friday Kellee Friday
June Gelar June Gelaro
Beth Jenkins Beth Jenkins
Reco Smith Reco Smith
Mike Rykaczewski Mike Rykaczewski
Cecilia Chavez Cecilia Chavez